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Test system for brake noise

High-frequency brake noise, in particular, is a cause of annoyance and of high warranty costs for car manufacturers. Therefore, the elimination of brale squeals are of increasinsg importance in the development of new bralke systems.

A major problem involving these measurements is the large amount of data, wich is generated even when only a few squeal noise events occur, and thus making it difficult to detect the actual relevant noises. With BrakeOBSERVER, HEAD acoustics developed a software solution which is capable of distinguishing disturbing brake noise including "Off-brake noise" from normal operating noise and, thus, can deliver excellent detection results.

  • Recording and analysis of brake noise
  • Development, optimization and approval of brake systems
  • Troubleshooting

BrakeOBSERVER is a software package for recording, detection and evaluation of brake noise while driving with the following features:

  • Detection of brake noise based on the principle of pattern recognition of human hearing (patented Relative Approach algorithm)
  • Reduced amount of data as only relevant brake noise, including "off-brake noise", is detected and saved
  • Highly flexible thanks to a customizable user interface
  • Various trigger options, including "off-brake noise" trigger.
  • Subjective evaluation of the braking situation during the measurement
  • Easy and convenient operation by the driver while driving (one-hand operation)

The front end MMF I.0 (not part of the standard delivery) has the following features:

  • USB front end for the simultaneous connection of up to:
  • 8 Line-/ICP® sensors with individual level configuration
  • 9 "slow" sensors (brake pressure, humidity, vehicle acceleration, etc.)
  • 6 temperature sensors
  • 2 pulse sensors (electrically isolated)
  • Power supply for industrial PC (optional) and HEAD Control Panel HCP (optional)
  • Battery-buffered power for mini display and connected sensors
  • The core of the BrakeOBSERVER system is the detection software. All audio signals are examined by an algorithm based on the patented Relative Approach method developed by HEAD acoustics. The user obtains excellent detection results and an amount of data to be analyzed and saved that is reduced to the actual relevant brake noise events, including "off-brake noise".
  • The entire system is set up quickly and reliably via the software. Besides the recording of up to eight audio channels, the compact and powerful USB front end MMF I.0 (not part of the standard delivery of BrakeOBSERVER) provides inputs for easy connection of different sensors to measure temperature, brake pressure, humidity, vehicle acceleration, etc. In addition, two separate pulse inputs are available.
  • The user interface of the BrakeOBSERVER displayed during the measurement on an optional mini display with touchscreen (HCP) that is freely customizable and can be set to different requirements with just a few mouse clicks. To assist in setting up a custom configuration of the interface, BrakeOBSERVER comes with several sample templates.
  • BrakeOBSERVER combines subjective evaluation of brake noise with the evaluation of measurement data: Immediately after a braking event, the driver can give an evaluation of his subjective noise impression. For this purpose, the mini display with touchscreen (HCP; not part of the standard delivery of BrakeOBSERVER) displays a rating scale from 1 to 10, on which the driver can directly judge the respective braking situation.
  • Manager: Software for interactive evaluation and documentation of noise events
  • HCP: 7" miniature VGA monitor with touchscreen
  • HEAD BONI - Squeal - licensed by Bosch: Software for objective evaluation of brake noise quality.
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