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Sound Quality Representation and Evaluation Studio

The acoustics properties of a product have a considerable influence on the satisfaction and thus, the purchase decision of the customers. Listening tests are an important basis for determining the optimal acoustics image of a product, for performing benchmark tests or for comparing different alternatives.

With SQuare, an intuitive, quick and uncomplicated realization of listening tests is possible. Besides the classical listening tests SQuare also offers the "interactive mode" for the sound presentation during group discussions and brainstorming. The SQuare software can be flexibly combined with hardware components from HEAD acoustics. So you can configure a system that meets your specific requirements.

  • Sound Design
  • Product development
  • Research
  • Benchmark tests
  • Target-oriented product enhancement
  • Subjective evaluation in group, individual and interactive tests
  • Central control and user-friendly configuration of test procedures (playlist) on the master PC.
  • A/B comparisons, semantic differentials, categorical evaluations (e.g. of RPM-related comparisons), and ranking tests
  • Individual editing options
  • Network-compatible SQL database
  • RPM- or time-synchronous switching between different sounds possible (switch mode)
  • Evaluation input via touchscreen, tablet PC or mouse
  • Customization by user-specific cutting of audio signals
  • Easy transfer of ArtemiS sounds into one or more playlists
  • Individially extendable statistics - correlation of the test results with psychoacoustical analyses
  • Because of the flexible concept of SQuare, customized listening terminals can be set up. A simple one-terminal solution is possible as well as a comprehensive listening studio with projector and playback with subwoofer.
  • Thanks to the user-friendly concept all test designs are intuitively and quickly generated, offering a wide range for individual designing.
  • Via the Master-PC, which is the control center, the test administrator can control the entire test procedure. Via the playlist the test administrator controls the test sequence and receives the evaluations of the subjects online. He can intervene at any time and make modifications to the various testing modes.

The SQuare Base Version for generating, controlling and monitoring the tests can be extended with different Sound Quality Studio Tool Packs (STPs).

The following STPs are available:

  • STP 01: Tool Pack for performing group tests
  • STP 02: Tool Pack for performing
  • STP 03: Tool Pack for performing interactive tests
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