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Pass-By and Simulation System

SENSE is used for recording and simulating the pass-by noise of vehicles. This includes virtual pass-by events based on microphone array measurements and the simulation of the pass-by sound of the vehicle or individual vehicle components based on near field measurements.

Optionally, the monaural and binaural time signal can be used for sound design, listening tests and advanced analusis, ments.

  • Recording and Simulation of pass-by sounds
  • Troubleshooting
  • Sound design
  • Improvement of sound quality

SENSE has a modular design. That way, you only have to buy the software components you really need. SENSE includes, for example, the following components:

  • Software solution for simulating a pass-by event based on microphone array measurements
  • Software solution for synthesizing the pass-by sound from multi-channel near field measurements and calculating the pass-by sound of individual sound components, including the virtual replacement of individual sound components
  • Auralization of the measured or calculated monaural and binaural audio signals with or without Doppler effect
  • The exterior vehicle sound is increasingly gaining importance with regard to the product image and customer acceptance. However, legal regulations only consider the A-weighted pass-by sound level, which does not provide much information about the actual perceived acoustic impression.
  • Besides the traditional pass-by measurement, SENSE also offers the possibility to synthesize and playback the pass-by sound of vehicles and individual components.
  • A database and automatic report generation are part of all SENSE systems.
  • Optionally the monaural and binaural time signals are available, with and without Doppler Effect. That way, the user can listen to the sound and perform additional analyses. Only with this approach is a significant improvement of the sound quality possible.
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