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HEAD BONI-Squeal is a stand-alone application that provides an objective assessment of brake noise by calculating a single value called BONI (Brake Objective Noise Index).

The emplyed algorithm was developed by BOSCH based on comprehensive listening tests. When compared to thsubjective evaluation of experts, the algorithm shows an extraordinary degree of correlation.

  • Objective determination of brake noises without listening tests.
  • Product optimization and sound design

Besides the BONI value, the program also lists the frequency, the level and the duration of brake squeals in a table. Furthermore, you can play back the files while watching the time domain signal and its FFT spectrogram. The results of a measurement series can be automatically compiled into a report. You decide which information is to be included in the report. The user-friendly interface supports you with your tasks and helps you to become familiar with the program.

  • Objective assessment of brake noise
  • Automatic calculation of the BONI (“Brake Objective Noise Index”) on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • Automatic detection of critical brake squeal even within large amounts of data
  • Determination of frequency, level and duration of the squeal from a microphone signal
  • Playback of recordings in the integrated audio player with display of time domain signal and FFT spectrogram.
  • Customizable, automatic reporting on individual measurement series
  • Excel® and PDF export or direct printing of reports
  • The user-friendly interface quickly familiarizes you with the program and provides for efficient operation.
  • Measurement series are managed in a concise structure, where you can move or delete individual files or entire folders via drag & drop.
  • The BONI (Brake Objective Noise Index) can be calculated for entire measurement series. The evaluation is fast and results can be compared immediately.
  • You can verify the assessment at any time by playing the respective sound in the integrated audio player. The display of the time domain signal and its FFT spectrogram facilitates the interpretation of the data.
  • The documentation of the calculated results takes place within HEAD BONI-Squeal at the press of a button. You decide which information is to be included in the report. The possible representations include tables as well as diagrams with statistics.

The integration of HEAD acoustics' products provides flexible and optimal solutions for our customers in industry and research. The following products are available for the test system HEAD BONI-Squeal:

  • BrakeOBSERVER - Test system for brake noise.
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