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Multidimensional sound playback in a real vehicle

Many years of experience with binaural high-quality recordings in the vehicle cabin have shown that for true-to-original playback it is not sufficient to provide only the airborne sound components via headphones in an arbitrary environment. In particular, people that are not specialists in the area of acoustics have difficulties to place the sounds they are hearing into the proper context.

The solution is the multidimensional playback in the SoundCar. Sound files are listened to in a real vehicle environment. Not only the acoustical but also the vibration aspect of the sound perception is taken into account. The required hardware for playback and controlling the system is mounted into the engine compartment of the vehicle (with the engine removed).

  • True-to-original playback of aurally-accurate recordings in a vehicle environment
  • Sound playback for listening tests, benchmarking, trouble-shooting
  • Product optimization and sound design
  • The SoundCar takes the acoustic as well as the vibration aspect of sound perception in the vehicle cabin into consideration.
  • With the SoundCar, sound scenarios recorded in the vehicle are reproduced by simultaneous generation of airborne and structure-borne excitation e.g. of the driver's seat and steering wheel in the cabin.
  • The SoundCar consists of different hardware and software products: among others, the programmable, digital equalizer (PEQ V), headphones or loudspeakers, a subwoofer and playback software. In addition, consulting services from HEAD consult NVH for setup and calibration of the system is necessary.
  • The SoundCar is a real vehicle with an integrated sound and vibration playback system. Thereby, the "driver" is placed into a virtual driving situation.
  • A detailed sound evaluation is best performed in a realistic environment. Furthermore, the low frequency structure-borne excitation in the vehicle cabin is to be considered because it significantly influences the subjective evaluation of the sound quality.
  • Therefore, the acoustic as well as the vibration aspect of sound perception are taken into account in the SoundCar.
  • This realistic simulation of a real driving situation makes a correct evaluation of the vehicle interior sounds by test persons possible.
  • Studies of user experiences show that the evaluation of vehicle sounds, in particular by decision-makers and customers, has a more sold basis with the help of the SoundCar.
  • This is especially the case for less experienced test persons where their evaluation of the reproduced sound better matches the evaluation of the real vehicle sound.

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