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The PVA IV.3 is a cascadable power amplifier with interfaces for two electrostatic headphones. Each power amplifier is calibrated to one set of electrostatic headphones (HA III). The PVA IV.3 is a system component of the digital playback system with 24 bit technology from HEAD acoustics.

  • Aurally-accurate reproduction of artificial head recordings
  • Playback of conventional recordings
  • Playback during listening tests
  • Application in listening studios and in the field of professional audio
  • Transformer-less power amplifier with upstream input amplifier
  • Possibility to connect two electrostatic headphones electrostatic headphones (HA III - Headphones are calibrated and connected to the respective headphones socket. A second pair of headphones can be connected for monitoring).
  • Low inherent noise
  • Fine modulation control
  • Low distortion even at low frequencies
  • Large transmission range
  • Outputs for cascading several power amplifiers
  • Together with the digital equalizer PEQ V, PVA IV.3 provides a digital 24 bit playback system for an aurally-accurate reproduction of artificial head recordings.
  • PVA IV.3 is a transformer-less power amplifier with an upstream input amplifier. For an authentic playback of the audio signal a transformer is not necessary.
  • Using electrostatic headphones offers true-to-original playback of signals, including transient signals. The electrostatic headphones HA III ensure a low distortion factor, minimal unit-to-unit variability, rugged quality and a high degree of comfort during playback.
  • Together, the PVA IV.3, the headphones HA III and the digital equalizer PEQ V form a perfectly integrated system. These components achieve the highest possible quality of reproduction of spatial hearing during aurally-accurate playback of acoustical situations.

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