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Programmable, Digital Equalizer

The programmable equalizer PEQ V rpovides the highest quality reproduction of aurally-accurate recordings. Two headphone outputs, for the direct connection of dynamic headphones (e.g. HD IV.1, HD IV.2), can be calibrated independently of each other. Both data transmission and remote control are conveniently handled via a single cable.

Via USB the PEQ V is directly connected with a notebook or PC. A digital sound card is not necessary for the playback width HEAD acoustics software. The PEQ V is equally suited for stationary and mobile operation as it can be powered either by a car battery or by external power adapter.

  • True-to-original playback of aurally-accurate recordings with the highest quality as well as the playback of conventional recordings
  • Mobile and stationary operation
  • Direct playback from PC/notebook via PEQ V without an additional sound card (with HEAD acoustics software)
  • Sound playback during listening tests
  • Application in the professional audio area
  • Two individually calibrated headphone outputs for dynamic headphones ( HD IV.1 and HD IV.2) from HEAD acoustics
  • USB interface (USB 2.0, full speed) for direct connection to a notebook or a PC
  • AES/EBU input and output
  • Optical interface (ADAT / S/PDIF)
  • Line out, symmetrical
  • Two pulse outputs (electrically isolated)
  • Sampling rates: 32, 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz
  • Equalizations (LIN, ID, FF, DF, USER)
  • Convenient and easily operated knob for menu-based control
  • User-friendly control via software (via USB) or hand-held remote control
  • Cascadable (ADAT, S/PDIF, AES/EBU), e.g. for cascading of up to four PEQs for multichannel playback
  • Thanks to the two independently calibratable headphone outputs it is possible to have true-to-original playback of your sound files for two persons at the same time.
  • By connecting a HDA IV (HEADphone Distribution Amplifier) an additional 4 or 8 dynamic headphones HD IV.1 and HD IV.2 can be connected. Furthermore, the power voltage amplifier PVA IV.3 can be connected to the PEQ V, which provides the input amplification for the electrostatic headphones HA III.
  • The possibility to cascade, e.g. via the optical interface ADAT, allows up to four PEQs to be connected simultaneously for true-to-original playback of multichannel files (e.g. for a multidimensional playback with several airborne and structure-borne channels).
  • Vorder- und Rückseite der PEQ V
  • Front view (top) and rear view of the PEQ V
  • Click here for a detailed view
  • The PEQ is connected directly to your computer via a USB cable. An additional sound card is not necessary for playback with HEAD acoustics software. The products of HEAD acoustics are fully integrated systems. For example, not only are the actual sound files transmitted but also information about the recording range and equalization for playback with ArtemiS via the USB cable. By this means, playback is automatically calibrated and equalized.

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